Balancing personal life and work can be quite challenging. There is no perfect formula on how to work-life balance, but there are ways on how to improve it.

What is work-life balance?

A work-life balance is a quality of life where an individual equally prioritizes the demands of personal life and professional life. Having a work-life balance produces positive effects both in work and at home. It lessens stress and lowers the risk of burnout.

Here are tips on how you can improve personal life and career:

  1. There is no perfect formula in work-life balance.

Balancing personal life and career does not require a perfect schedule. The reason why professionals tend to be stressful is that they strive for extreme productivity. When one’s goals are not met, it will result in stress and unsatisfaction.

Do not strive for perfection; instead, strive for progress. There is no wrong of wanting to work, but do not overdo it. Pursue a job that you love and enjoy, so it will not restrain you from having a life.

  1. Manage your time.

There is a tendency to focus on one area when responsibilities and work tend to pile-up. Managing your time can be challenging in the face of increased responsibilities. It is not about dividing your hours to meet each demand, but it is about being flexible to get things done.

  1. Set your priorities straight.

Pay attention to what is more important. Avoid any unnecessary work that could waste your time. Set a structure of your day to increase productivity.

  1. Prioritize your health.

Most professionals tend to neglect their health. When physical, mental, or emotional health gets affected, it could lead to poor performance and lower productivity. Prioritizing one’s health will make you a better employee, resulting in less work and more opportunities.

  1. Learn to rest.

It is okay to cut ties with the world and allowing yourself to recover from a stressful week. Resting gives your mind clarity and for other thoughts to spring. Taking a break also redirects yourself, refreshes your being, and prevents you from having a burnout.

  1. Make time for family and friends.

A critical aspect of life is to make time for loved ones. It makes better and stronger relationships and avoids conflicts. Spending time with your loved ones should not be neglected because you have them first before your job.

  1. Have a me-time.

It is okay to have time for yourself; it is essential. Taking time for yourself is also having a sense of well-being. Brush off all that insecurities and pressure, forgive yourself for being stressed over little things. It is vital to take time off to mentally and physically recharge.


As an individual, you are not exempted from work and responsibilities. They are part of your life that needs action.

Life and work can be overwhelming most of the time. But there are ways on how you can manage and balance them well. Setting time, prioritizing what is essential, and taking time-off will lead you to the right track.

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